Greater Life Community Church

We exist to reach, nurture and develop seekers to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

What is the greater life? – The word "life" is used often in our culture: "life in the fast lane, life at the top, the good life, real life." It describes the reality of our existence.

The word "greater" comes from scripture and from our heritage. Jesus was described as "the one who is greater." He spoke of "greater love," the "great commandment," and the promise that in the Holy Spirit we would be able to do "greater works." The Apostle Paul talked of seeking “greater gifts" in the spirit of love.

So our call is to not settle for life at some lesser level but to move on to "greater life" in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.



9:30 am Greater Life Cafe

10:00 am Celebration Service

Where We Meet

Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center

5291 Stoney Creek Ct

Johnston, IA 50131